Hanana Furniture 17 Years Of Trust                                              Hanana Furniture 17 Years Of Trust                                                               Hanana Furniture 17 Years Of Trust
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About Us  

Hanana Furniture is a well recognised furniture brand that evokes quality, prompt service and professionalism. It is dedicated to creating furniture to support urban lifestyles and spaces, first in Mumbai and Bangalore.

It started off as a small start-up venture with just four helpers and a handful of patrons and has today grown to a midsize corporate enterprise with a Good turnover. Entrenched customers and growing consistently it has instant recall for a majority of people when it comes to upgrading lifestyles through contemporary, and modern furniture produced both locally and sourced from other countries.

In the eighties the furniture industry was a fragmented and unorganized sector which had high potential for growth but lacked professionalism.

It took hard work to bring abuot a progressive shift in the consumers mind. To kick off further expansion a press launch of a designer collection, an exclusive furniture line inspired from a series of sketches drawn by M.F. Hussain was launched to create awareness and raise consciousness.

A major landmark was a successful public issue and the setting up of a production factory in 1995. It was Hanana Furniture that pioneered the concept of a 100% automated plant where the entire process was mechanized using state of the art, German and Italian machinery. The objective was to create designs with an international touch, providing an excellent value-for-money proposition for the end user.

Living Room plans to keep growing & continue to open fresh outlets in other cities & 'B' towns. The company expects the brand to continue growing and maintaining it’s leadership stance among all other retail brands in the industry, both in terms of market share and relationships with its customer.